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[ king - psychopomps ]

tenel_ka in castle_rockers

Yay insanity!

Alright, I babbled about this in November, when we started it but now that there's kind of stuff going on, I figure it's time we yap about it again. I know there are more crazies out there with King voices in their heads. ;D

king_dressing -- so far we only have Chris Chambers, Gordie Lachance, Trisha McFarland, Lisey Landon, Scott Landon, Art Baker, Peter McVries, Alan Pangborn and Ben Mears -- and King has a billion more characters than those!

You can find the rules here - there aren't many and they're simple. It's pretty much seeing who isn't taken, making them a journal, joining up and going crazy.

Also, what does everyone think of Just After Sunset? Any favorite stories? :D