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tenel_ka in castle_rockers

Random tidbits~

So today I was checking around a few sites just to see if there was any fun news on anything and I found out there is a book coming out in October (not a book by King -- that's November. And that's Under the Dome). It's a book called The Stephen King Illustrated Companion and it's a book that looks pretty damn awesome (I am chomping at the bit a little for the Bag of Bones and Lisey's Story sections). I have ordered my copy from B&N. I figured I'd post it here in case anyone else didn't know of it's almost-existence (it's coming out in October).

In other news, see_aphy_be and myself have made a section on the message board Mindbreak for all things Stephen King and her and I are pretty lonely in there. So if any other fans want a forum to chat (or nerd or anything like that) about the author in, please do come and join us! Now it's not just his specific works -- but also his movies, future books, stuff about him, etc. So we would love your company. :D