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whiskeyslim in castle_rockers

Alan Wake.

I've been playing Alan Wake and I count at least 4 Stephen King references and the opening line of the game is a Stephen King quote.  This game unfolds just like one of his novels so if you have an Xbox 360 I would give this game a look.  I have had alot of fun with it over the weekend.  Although due to the game being somewhat short you may want to rent instead of buy.  Also I just finished Duma Key..... what did everyone else think because I really enjoyed it.


I agree! Any King fan who can manage to play/watch someone else play through Alan Wake -- do it! Yeah, it was kind of short though. I just finished it yesterday and I can't wait for the DLC to come out to answer more questions about the storyline. There were times during the game where I felt like I was playing a Stephen King video game. ;D

As for Duma Key, I actually really like that one. I know a lot of people give it crap for different reasons, but I thought it was a really well woven story and loved the whole idea/plot of it. The setting was extremely rich and the characters were crafted especially well -- but then again, King usually does that!
Ya I agree. I was absurdly excited when the art show was about to start in duma key. It has been a while since I've read some king so it was a great feeling. I still need to read under the dome but Ive been putting off invisible monster for a while so Ill probably read that first. I really wish i could just quit working and read all day. Also did you happen to ready Lisey's story or The Colorado Kid?
I haven't had a chance to read The Colorado Kid yet, but Lisey's Story is one of my top two King books! There was just something about it that I absolutely fell in love with and I couldn't put it down until I finished. I think it was the depth of Scott and Lisey's relationship. King definitely did an amazing job there. :D
Loved Duma Key. First SK book to scare me in years.